LEGO Ninjago Sets: 70683 Spinjitzu Slam - Zane NEW

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LEGO Ninjago Sets: 70683 Spinjitzu Slam - Zane NEW


This is a BRAND NEW set of LEGO® Ninjago® 70683 Spinjitzu Slam - Zane from 2019. This set is still factory sealed and the box is in very good condition with minor shelf wear. This set contains 63 pieces and 1 minifigure©. Children can spin up a storm and take on ninja challenges with the LEGO® NINJAGO® 70683 Spinjitzu Slam - Zane spinning top toy. This fun-packed playset features a Zane Tornado Spinner which holds a minifigure© and fits onto the easy-to-build spinner launcher, plus a buildable training dummy to use as a target and 2 shurikens that can also be sent spinning by the launcher. Great for solo or social play, kids will love recreating the ninja tornado effect as seen on the NINJAGO® TV show and making up their own Spinjitzu Slam competitions with friends. This LEGO® NINJAGO® spinner toy includes a collectible, new-for-June-2019 Zane FS minifigure© with a ‘powered-up’ hood element for creative role-play.

  • Includes a new-for-June-2019 Zane FS minifigure© with a ‘powered-up’ hood element
  • This LEGO® NINJAGO® spinner toy features a brick-built launcher and new-for-June-2019 Zane Tornado Spinner, plus 2 launchable shurikens and a buildable training dummy
  • Place the minifigure© in his tornado spinner, attach it to the launcher and slam down on the launcher to send the minifigure© spiraling towards the target
  • Attach a shuriken to the launcher and slam to make it spin towards the target
  • Kids can create their own Spinjitzu Slam challenges and compete against their friends with this toy building set
  • Add 70681 Spinjitzu Slam - Lloyd, 70682 Spinjitzu Slam - Jay and 70684 Spinjitzu Slam - Kai vs. Samurai LEGO® NINJAGO® spinning top toys for thrilling Spinjitzu Slam showdowns
  • Children can recreate the ninja tornado effect as seen on the NINJAGO® TV show with this action-packed LEGO® playset
  • This LEGO® set makes a great birthday or holiday gift for NINJAGO® fans
  • Tornado spinner launcher with tornado spinner toy attached measures over 1 in (5cm) high, 1 in (3cm) wide and 3 in (8cm) deep
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