LEGO Mixels Sets: 41512 Series 2 CHOMLY NEW

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LEGO Mixels Sets: 41512 Series 2 CHOMLY NEW


This is a BRAND NEW foil bag set of LEGO® Mixels™ 41512 Series 2 CHOMLY from 2014. This foil bag is still factory sealed and in very good condition. This set contains 68 pieces and no minifigures©. Eat anything that gets in the way with CHOMLY! Keep your hands and feet away from the jaws of CHOMLY, because this lazy, trash-compacting Mixel will try to crunch just about anything. This habit cost CHOMLY a tooth once and now its smile has a golden gleam. A member of the Fang Gang, the tribe with the biggest appetite, this close-talking Mixel has very bad breath. So you wouldn’t want to be stuck next to CHOMLY at a Fang Gang food party, but that stinking breath comes in very handy for repelling Nixels!
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