LEGO Mars Mission Sets: 7645 MT-61 Crystal Reaper NEW

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LEGO Mars Mission Sets: 7645 MT-61 Crystal Reaper NEW
LEGO Mars Mission Sets: 7645 MT-61 Crystal Reaper NEW


You are looking at a BRAND NEW, HARD TO FIND AND DISCONTINUED set of LEGO Mars Mission 7645 MT-61 Crystal Reaper from 2008. This set is still factory sealed and the box is in very good condition with minor shelf wear. The power to complete any mission! For any mission, on any surface, the MT-61 Crystal Reaper always has the equipment to get the job done. With its twin spinning harvester blades, rotating treads, and a detachable spaceship, rover unit and research lab, this rugged all-terrain vehicle is ready to collect the energy crystals needed to power the astronauts__ vehicles and technology. But the alien strike-ship has a different plan! This set also comes with step-by-step instructions to make your MT-61 Crystal Reaper fully remote controlled by adding LEGO Power Functions. Requires LEGO Power Functions items 8881 Battery Box, 8883 M-Motor (x2), 8884 IR Receiver and 8885 IR Remote Control, all sold separately. This set contains 600 pieces and 6 minifigures: 3 astronaut minifigures, 2 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures and commander alien minifigure_š.

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