BrickArms: WW1 Central Powers Battle Pack

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BrickArms: WW1 Central Powers Battle Pack
BrickArms: WW1 Central Powers Battle Pack


This is a BRAND NEW BrickArms WW1 Central Powers Battle Pack. Fight the War to End All Wars with the BrickArms WW1 Central Powers Pack.


  • Kar98 Rifle
  • Kar98 Scoped Rifle
  • Two Ammo Clips
  • M24 Stick Grenade
  • P08 Luger
  • C96 Mauser Pistol
  • German Stahlhelm
  • German Rifleman's Vest
  • OVERMOLDED Trench Mace
  • PROTOTYPE German Cavalry Officer's Saber

BrickArms products are toys designed and created for 2 inch tall plastic construction figures
. They do not have any moving parts and do not shoot any projectiles. As they are small parts they may pose a choking hazard for young children.

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