BrickArms: M1 Carbine (Black)

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BrickArms: M1 Carbine (Black)


You are looking at 1 Brand New Black BrickArms M1 Carbine. The photo is only meant to show both sides of the rifle. This weapon was only handled during sorting and repacking of it into its own mini resealable bag. Please note, there maybe very minor (if any) scratches on the weapon from storage and sorting.

Airborne figs need a versatile, lightweight rifle, and BrickArms has the solution with the BrickArms M1 Carbine! With a wire stock and pistol grip, the BrickArms M1 Carbine is based on classic carbine rifle designs. The BrickArms M1 Carbine is the perfect choice for any fig ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and straight into battle! Zombie fighters all agree - the BrickArms M1 Carbine is the perfect firearm for defense against the walking dead! 

BrickArms products are toys designed and created for 2 inch tall plastic construction figures. They do not have any moving parts and do not shoot any projectiles. As they are small parts they may pose a choking hazard for young children.

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