LEGO Town Sets: City 60167 Coast Guard Headquarters NEW

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LEGO Town Sets: City 60167 Coast Guard Headquarters NEW


This is a BRAND NEW set of LEGO® Town City 60167 Coast Guard Headquarters from 2017. This set is still factory sealed and the box is in very good condition with minor shelf wear. This set contains 792 pieces and 7 minifigures©. Be a part of the fearless LEGO® City coast guard crew on the Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter, featuring sliding doors on the sides, opening ramp in the back with space for the included water scooter, 2-minifigure© cockpit and a rotating crane arm with lowering winch. This fun set also includes a lighthouse, shipwreck and a kayak with paddle, plus 4 minifigures© and a shark figure.

  • Includes 4 minifigures©: one female and 2 male coast guard members, a kayaker, plus a shark figure
  • Features a helicopter with spinning rotors, sliding doors on both sides, opening ramp at the back with space for the included water scooter, opening 2-minifigure© cockpit, rotating crane arm with winch operated by a handle on the side
  • Also includes a lighthouse and shipwreck, plus a kayak
  • Spin the rotors and take off in the helicopter
  • Lower the ramp and launch the water scooter
  • Turn the handle to lower the winch
  • Includes a paddle accessory element
  • Helicopter (excluding rotors) measures over 5 in (13 cm) high, 15 in (40 cm) long and 3 in (10 cm) wide
  • Water scooter measures over 1 in (3 cm) high, 3 in (8 cm) long and 1 in (4 cm) wide
  • Kayak measures over 4 in (12 cm) long and under 1 in (1 cm) high and 1 in (2 cm) wide
  • Lighthouse and shipwreck measure over 3 in (9 cm) high, 2 in (6 cm) wide and 3 in (10 cm) deep
  • Shark figure measures over 2 in (7 cm) long
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